The Stirrings of War

Burning Down the House

The party followed the map as best they could despite their inability to make out his writing, due to Ragni’s poor attention to his dwarven abc’s in little dwarf school. Due to the general savvy and group cooperation, the party managed to find the location indicated on the rough map, a once abandoned village now occupied by a goblin and orc force. Only two locations were, however, occupied: a poorly upkept inn and the ruins of an ancient keep. The former appeared to be a place for the occupying force to carouse in, as evidenced by the drunken orcs wandering in and out of the inn. The keep, on the other hand, showed tracks of prisoners being led inside, and as the assassin quickly found through a narrowly missed arrow the keep was well patrolled across the wall.

The party decided to tackle the inn first, finding a cellar door in the rear of the building. Dood managed to break open the ancient lock, but made enough noise in the process to alert the goblin cook and his assistants inside. After a short battle in which the cook attempted to take out his frustration at his lot in life on the party, his dreams of finishing his degree at the Goblin Culinary Academy were cut short by the blades of Katryn and Dood.

After a short rest, Katryn poked her head through the trap door leading to the inn proper in order to assess the threat. Fortunately for her, the room seemed to, by and large, remain unaware of her. Unfortunately for her, an orc on the opposite side of the inn caught a glance at her, raising them all to battle. The party managed to create a choke point at the trapdoor, taking out two of the orcs in the cellar. The dwarf, exhilarated by their success and his badger form, charged onto the top floor in the middle of the pressing goblins and remaining orc. The party managed to fight their way to the second floor, dodging cinderbombs and goblin swords along the way, but the battle was quickly joined by orc officers from the second floor. Taking several wounds in the battle, the party managed to defeat these new opponents through the constricting vines summoned by Ragni, flashing blades of Katryn, inspiring words from Pritt, dark strikes of Dood, and lightning flashes from Althea, the party stood victorious over piles of orc and goblin bodies.

Acting quickly to avoid detection and possible attack from the keep, the party set fire to the inn and retreated to the woods, using the chaos for cover. The party repositioned themselves at the rear of the keep, licking their wounds as they prepared to take on the rest of the occupying force.



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