The Stirrings of War

Ragni's Finale

After an evening’s rest, the party moves in on the keep. Finding it guarded by goblins and hobgoblins at the front, Pritt and Ragni in badger form lure the guards away to see the stupendous “Pritt and Badger Show!”© The goblins, easily distracted by pretty lights, eagerly follow and await the show. In the midst of one of the most epic fireworks displays in recent history, Dood and the rest of the party snuck in from behind and decimated the guards. The “Pritt and Badger Show!”©’s audience participation could use more work it seems.

Having removed the front guards, the party attempted to scout the ruined keep. Ragni, in badger form, snuck over the wall to see the position of the goblin force. After a short glance, Ragni was detected by wolves kenneled by the goblins. Scampering for his life, Ragni in badger form ran for the wall but failed on his first attempt to climb, allowing a following wolf to take a bite out of him. Ragni, or most of him, managed to make it back over the wall. After short discussion, Dood snuck to the front of the keep, luring another party of goblins to chase him as the rest of the party came over the rear wall. Althaea ran for the front gate, locking out the goblins chasing Dood, while the rest of the party was discovered near the wolf kennels. While Althaea bombarded the goblins from above with lightning, the rest of the party, Dood finally catching up, took care of the wolves and their masters.

Seeking to rescue the captured children, Ragni charged into the basement below the ruined keep closely followed by the rest of the party. The druid discovered the children, bound inside an arcane circle, and a cultist in the final stages of a ritual. The druid led the charge to interrupt the ritual, and the party fought against the cultist’s many spells and burst effects. While they party did finally defeat the cultist and save the children, the victory came at great cost: Ragni’s life.

Cleaning up the aftermath and gathering the children, a captive gnome introduced himself as a member of the merchant’s guild. He offers to return the children to their parents in Hammerfast, but needs and escort to ensure that they are not retaken by the raiders that placed them here in the first place.



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