Court of Winter

The Court of Winter is one of the primary ruling courts of the Feywild, a plane close to the mortal one that is occupied by Fae creatures. Having been ruled by a Prince for a period of time beyond mortal comprehension, the Court of Winter is most known for its maliciousness. Whereas the Court of Summer can be dangerous to the mortal who lacks caution, the Court of Winter is dangerous to anyone it encounters. Its members tend to enjoy not only the normal trickery favored by most Fae but also tormenting and persecuting mortals who cross their path.

There have been rumors of changing events in Court of Winter, which is perhaps most odd due to usual eternal nature of the courts as a reflection of natural forces. Many of the rumors even go so far as to mention a change in the ruling class of the Court, that some new Winterfae calling herself “Mab” has taken over leadership and deposed the Prince. If this is indeed true, it could have large repercussions on the Feywild, the mortal plane, and everywhere else the Fey Courts have influence.



Court of Winter

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